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Hündinnen / Girls
Körösdombi Gwendolin
klick here picture: 3 years

born: 08.08.2003

HD - B

father: Benjamin Assisi

mother: Körösdombi Andi

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Askereia of Thuringia
click here picture: 3 years

born: 25.10.2007

HD - B

father: Adderley's Caledonia Alliance

mother: White-Bull-Dog Candy Girl

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Börös Bajnok Dini
click here picture: 2,5 years

born: 29.06.2008

HD - C

father: The Dogs Of War Orpheus

mother: Biroldami Harcos Lara

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Elmina Shah Assisi
click here picture: 18 months

born: 13.07.2009

HD - B.

father: Aga Khan Assisi

mother: Apassionata of Thuringia

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Fanta Assisi
click here picture: 8 weeks

born: 28.12.2010


father: Dschagga Boy Assisi

mother: Askereia of Thuringia

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Gramses Eva Olsson
click here picture: 7 weeks



father: SUCH SV-08 Didalls Harmony

mother: Diamond Pearl Assisi

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